My name is Ismar Mahmutovic.

Much like tying a bow tie for the first time, design strategy is about iteration. It takes a lot of practice, patience, time and no matter how hard you try, it will never be a perfect process. Within that ambiguous chaos of creating; one will find amazing solutions to once seemingly impossible problems. In the end, after all that hard work, you’ll be happy you took the extra effort, with the knowledge that the final solution made a difference in someone’s life.

I have been fortunate in my journey to date, as Art Director/Designer with 15+ years of experience in the food, pharmaceutical, consumer electronics, B2B tech industries. I led a design team for all creative ad campaigns, brand identity, advertising, print, booth installations, sales and packaging materials. As an innovation strategist, I help rethink business models to be more sustainable, ethical and profitable. Using design strategy and my versatile visual design background, I apply user-centered research coupled with design practices to develop product experiences that deliver meaningful value to consumers as well as generating results for all stakeholders. I believe that design strategy will play a crucial role in forming the foundation of every business and am very excited to be part of that growing conversation.

In my spare time, I read, hike, swim and enjoy exploring new places as I document my travels through photo. I have recently started posting on Instagram , you are more than welcome to check it out and leave some feedback. Coffee (a disputable subject in SF, like pizza in NY) is a huge part of my life and yes I have opinions of where the best cup is. If you have a question, or you just want to chat about design and strategy, Contact me.